Scottsdale Chiropractor

For all of your athletic, sports injuries, and other physical concerns. If your football game, golf game, baseball game, or any other competitive sport has put you on the bench, call us today!

We work with all professional athletes and amateur athletes of all ages. We are not limited to healing athletes though, we also work with people that have been involved in car accidents, slip & falls, work related accidents, injuries at home, along with on the job injuries and more.

Welcome to Arizona Sports & Rehabilitation Center, a Scottsdale Chiropractic office focusing on chiropractic care, sports therapy, athletic injuries, and massage therapy.

Whether you are suffering from a sports or auto accident injury, have migraine headaches, enduring increased stress from work, have neck pain or back pain, our Chiropractors and Physical Therapists can help you.

We educate our patients on what small life adjustments they can make to reach their goals. Let us help you better understand how you can obtain your individual health and fitness goals.

Our chiropractors also create exercise and stretching plans for each patient based on their unique needs..

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